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Liten: Future Energy Technologies

Liten (Laboratory for Innovation in New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) is an institute forming part of the CEA's Technological Research Division. It is one of Europe's leading research centres in the new energy technology field.

It works to support the nation's efforts to diversify its energy mix through more effective use of renewables, in particular to meet energy requirements in transport and housing and to help French businesses gain a competitive edge. Involved in 400 research partnership contracts every year, Liten works hand in hand with French industry. It is one of the CEA laboratories with the most patents (200 new applications filed in 2012) and a portfolio of 840 international patents.

Liten's research activities are focused on renewable energy sources (solar energy, biomass), energy efficiency (vehicles, low-energy buildings, hydrogen technology, electric power system management, etc.) and, lastly, high-performance materials for energy applications.

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11th august

LITEN annual report 2014

The Liten 2014 annual report has just came out. You will find inside key numbers and highlights for this year.

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16 juillet 2015

crédit: CEA

CEA-Liten announces first fully inkjet manufactured flexible PV modules

The Organic/Hybrid Printed Photovoltaic field is growing and is reaching the production scale where development of large area processes is needed. To this aim, researchers from CEA-Liten, based at INES, France, have developed a flexible organic photovoltaic module manufactured entirely by inkjet printing processes that demonstrates power conversion efficiency above 4% for high value, custom-made, solar devices.

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30th june 2015

crédit: Fraunhofer ISE

Le CEA et Fraunhofer ISE renforcent leur coopération dans les cellules solaires ultra-haute performance

Germany and France are European leaders in the fields of semiconductor technology and solar cell research. In order to strengthen the already existing collaboration between the CEA's technological research unit, CEA Tech in Grenoble and Chambery, France and the German Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg, the two partners have concluded a collaboration agreement to create a common "Virtual Lab". With this lab, Fraunhofer ISE and CEA Tech intend to combine forces in near-industry research to further develop high efficiency multi-junction solar cells, educate young scientists and work together to develop prototypes of next generation ultra-high efficiency solar cells. The launch of the joint lab officially began in May 2015 with the signing of the collaboration agreement.

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9th april 2015

Horizon 2020: Launch of the LORIX project targeting large area X-ray detectors based on organic electronics

LORIX Horizon 2020 project, which stands for Large Organic Robust Imager for X-Ray sensing, was launched on February 1, 2015. This project aims to develop, prototype and demonstrate large area X-ray detectors enabled by TOLAE solution. The principal means of manufacturing innovative detectors is to merge printed organic photodiodes with active matrices of thin film transistors arrays on glass (classical silicon technology) or on plastic foil (organic TFT solution), depending on the targeted application.

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11th June


The project, implemented under the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme, starts obtaining results from the promotion and implementation of innovative solar technologies in public facilities and buildings

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10th June

LITEN annual report 2013

The Liten 2013 annual report has just came out. You will find inside key numbers and highlights for this year.

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13th September

Low-carbon energies

The availability of an energy conditions the economic and social development of a country. In spite of the efforts of sobriety and the improvement of the energy efficiency that it will make, the world is going to have to face growing needs for energy. The field of constraints is very strong, the energy transition is necessary and the CEA, with the skills which are his, wishes to make there all his contribution as a leading player of the research and the innovation in the field of the energy.

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4th September


The goal of this open workshop is to present results achieved by the FP7 project CRM_InnoNet ( on European industrial dependence on critical raw materials and to open a discussion for identification of next generation technologies which could act as substitutes. The focus is on three strategic sectors: Energy, Transport (Aerospace and Automotive) and ICT.

We warmly invite all who are willing to engage into a dialogue to exchange ideas and visions to enhance the competitiveness of the EU industry and economy in the area of substitution of critical raw material to join us in Warsaw, Poland in mid September 2013!

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1st of March

Plastic electronics : The first printed organic ADC

CEA-Liten printed electronics technology has allowed to process the first printed ADC ever made on plastic foil.

This work is a collaboration between CEA-Liten, Eindhoven University of Technology, ST Microelectronics and University of Catania which results were presented last week at the ISSCC in San Francisco, the world's most important conference on solid-state circuits

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10 of january 2013

2012 Highlights

The Highlights of the Liten Institute 2012 exercise has just came out.

2012 Liten Highlights

19 of decembre 2012

2011-2012 Activity Report

The Liten 2011-2012 activity report has just came out. You will find inside key numbers and highlights for this two years.

Publications and Patents

21 of june 2012

Alstom and CEA-Liten create a laboratory dedicated to energy storage and solar integration into Smart Grids

Alstom Grid and the teams of the French state-owned research entity CEA - INES (Institut national de l'énergie solaire) announce the creation of a joint Research and Development Centre in Chambery (France). This joint laboratory will focus on developing advanced energy storage solutions and integrating renewable energy farms into smart transmission and distribution grids.

This laboratory will be located in INES' Chambery campus. It will directly benefit from its core expertise in storage and solar applications as well as its existing testing capability across various ranges of solar and storage technologies. Alstom Grid, Alstom's sector dedicated to power transmission, brings its expertise in power electronics, power conversion and Smart Grid control room integration. This partnership has been put in place to develop early breakthrough innovation by expanding services and solutions to accelerate the deployment of embedded storage into Smart Grid systems and facilitating further introduction of renewable beyond the European target of 20% of the energy mix by 2020. The teams will also further investigate the potential use of direct current (DC) applications into smart cities projects.

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30 of april 2012

The International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference(IRSEC'13) on March 2013

The Polydisciplinary Faculty of Ouarzazate, the Mediterranean Space of Technology and Innovation with the partnership of the Moroccan Agency of Solar Energy (MASEN) organize the First Edition of the International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference.

IRSEC'13 is an international scientific conference that provides an excellent opportunity for discussion and knowledge exchange for researchers, policy-makers, engineers and other specialists with an interest in issues related to renewable energy. It is supposed to spark discussion within the academic community and to bridge the gap between practitioners and experts.

IRSEC'13 covers a wide range of topics related to renewable energy technology, energy efficiency, green energy, climate change and sustainable energy systems.

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